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  1. How is it done?
    Repairs are performed on the backside of the panel (the unpainted surface) we use a series of light interconnecting pushes depending on the size, shape and location of the damage on the vehicle to raise the damage back to its factory state.

  2. Do I need new paint?
    No. With paintless dent removal, the original paint is saved when repairing your damage.

  3. How big of a dent can you repair?
    From big to small. As long as it's not car collision (i.e. car on car) or paint damage there will be a high probability of repair.

  4. How long does the repair take?
    Most repairs completed in an hour.

  5. Can a crease be repaired?
    Although it's a case-by-case issue, most creases can be repaired.

  6. How much does it cost?
    For full, mobile service at your convenience prices start at $75 for complete vehicle repair or multi-car discounts.

  7. Do I need to bring my vehicle to shop?
    No, we are completely mobile.
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